Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars designed to uplift, inspire and rekindle that creative spark.

Vision and Inspiration Boards

Learn about the benefits of vision boards, inspiration boards while making one for yourself. Best part, everything is provided!

Doodles, Mind Maps and Pretty Pens

Learn how your focus and productivity can change by integrating some simple and fun creative tools

Journalling 101

It's more than a notebook. Discover how journalling can be whatever you want it to be and exactly what you need

Yes, You are Creative

In this interactive seminar, Ashley takes you through creative practices to awaken and inspire your creative spirit.

"I truly believe that everyone has a creative spark. As we get older, that spark dwindles with the weight of responsibility and adulting."

Indigenous Mompreneur

What does it take to make the plunge into entrepreneurship while raising two kids on her own?

Tears, fears and whole lot of adult language

Ashley shares her powerful story of trauma and triumph in the pursuit of rekindling her passion.