"Creativity is a mind set free"

That’s what creativity is for me. It's a spark, a passion and a mindset that we are not suppose to live cooke cutter lives. That there is no 1 way to do something. 

Let me back up a second. I'm Ashley, an Anishnaabekwe and Metis Two Spirit woman and solo momma to two tiny humans. My lineage is woven through Northern Ontario all along to the Red River. I was raised by a strong matrilineal family and learned from many strong Mide leaders. 

Look at That Strong Kwe











 My personal journey didn't exact take the path I thought it would. In all honestly, I didn't really think I'd start a business, let alone grow one. But through my many lessons, I've learned that trauma doesn't mean you are done for. It means you are meant for another direction.  If you're curious how exactly I ended raising tiny humans, check out Journey Home, a blog series where I can real and raw about my journey to settling in Peterborough.